Friedrich Warnecke

The Double Bass.
Its Past and Future.
Problems and Solutions
to Improve Double-Bass-Playing

Facsimile-Reprint 2005

136 pp
Paperback, 20 x 25,7 cm
ISBN10 3-938601-00-0
ISBN13 978-3-938601-00-6

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"For a history of the double bass from its beginning, today it lacks of any preparations that bring a general survey, enumerate special events and give the basics for further research. Therefore I ladled directly from the spring, and who would refuse such a drink?" (From the preface)

Friedrich Warnecke (1856-1931) was professor of double bass at Hamburg Conservatory, member of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra and a pioneer of double-bass-research. His work "Ad Infinitum" has been the first monograph ever written on the double bass. The book was self-published in 1909 in a small number of copies. For decades it was out of print, and now it is available again.

Without any doubt this book on history of the double bass today is an part of history itself. With meticulousness Warnecke gathered material and created a collection of data, that are hard to get hold of today. Very interesting are his expert opinions about prominent contemporaries like Serge Koussevitzky, Lebrecht Goedecke, Gustav Lska und Eduard Madenski. His work conveys an impression of the standing of the double bass at the turn of the century.

The book is a must for any double bassist, pedagogue, student, researcher and anyone who's interested in history of the double bass and the biographies of its performers. The reprint is enlarged by an index of names.

Table of Content


History of Bowed Instruments

Violen (Viola, Rebechina)

The Double Bass and Its History

This part deals with forms and tunings of early double bass instruments, the use of the double bass in music, different double bassists, methods and conservatories.

Masters of the Double Bass

Domenico Dragonetti
Giovanni Bottesini
Gustav Laska
Sergej Kussewitzky
Lebrecht Goedecke
Eduard Madenski
Friedrich Schlufter
Albert Wolschke
Eugen Uhlig
Italo Caimmi
Antonio Torello Ros


Advices and Hints for Teachers
Golden Words

Survey of Conservatories and
Academies of Music in
Europe and America
(To persons composed in italic
short biographies are given)

Conservatory of Music Prague
Franz Cerny
Royal Academy of Music Berlin
Wilhelm Sturm, Michael Skibitzki
Stern's Conservatory of Music Berlin
Conservatory of Music Vienna
Franz Simandl
Royal Conservatory of Music Leipzig
Oswald Schwabe
Royal Conservatory of Music Dresden
Bruno Keyl, Hugo Keyl
Royal School of Music Würzburg
Grand Ducal School of Music Weimar
Georg Krüger
Royal Academy of Music Munich
Prince's Conservatory of Music Sondershausen
Dr. Hoch's Conservatory of Music Frankfurt am Main
City Conservatory of Music Cologne
Franz Tischer-Zeitz
Grand Ducal Conservatory of Music Karlsruhe
City Conservatory of Music Straßburg im Elsaß
Johann Geißel
Conservatory of Music Hamburg
Royal-Hungarian Academy of Music Budapest
Internationale Stiftung "Mozarteum" Salzburg

Regio Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi, Milano
Liceo Musicale di Bologna
Ugo Marchetti
Regio Conservatorio di Parma
Francesco Hiserich, Carlo Montanari
Regio Istututo Musicale di Firenze (Florenz)
Gustavo Campostrini
Liceo Musicale Verdi di Torino (Turin)
Liceo Musicale Rossini di Pesaro
Annibale Mengoli
Real Collegio Musicale di Napoli (Neapel)
Liceo Musicale Marcello di Venezia (Venedig)
Regio Conservatorio Bellini di Palermo
Antonio Scontrino
Istituto Musicale di Piacenza
Liceo Academia S. Cecilia di Roma (Rom)

Spain and Portugal
Conservatorio Real de Madrid
Conservatorio de S. M. Doa Isabel de Barcelona
Conservatorio Real de Lisboa (Lissabon)

Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Lige (Lüttich)
Lucien Dereul
Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Gand (Gent)
Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles (Brssel)

Koninklijk Conservatorium voor Muziek 's Gravenhage
Conservatory of Music Amsterdam

Royal Academy of Music of London
Charles Henry Winterbottom
Royal College of Music of London
The Guildhall School of Music of London
Royal College of Music of Manchester
John Hoffmann

Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris

Denmark and Sweden
Royal Conservatory of Music Copenhagen
Ludwig Hegner
Royal Conservatory of Music Stockholm

Conservatory of Music Warsaw

National Conservatory of Music of New York
Institute of Musical Art of the City of New York
Ludwig Manoly
New England Conservatory of Music of Boston
Leefson-Hille Conservatory of Music of Philadelphia
Paul Rahmig

Index of Names